We are pleased to announce the immediate release of CM Batch Photo Processor v3.2.5.

In this update, we added support for converting your photos to HEIC and JPEG 2000. Both provides excellent image quality while optimizing the storage space it needs. HEIC was introduced by Apple to storing photos taken on the iPhone and we believe that over the forseeable future this might overtake JPEG as the photo format of choice.

CM Batch Photo Processor is our Mac Flagship Batch Photo Processor, a must for any digital photographer’s toolkit, which can handle a variety of commonly supported photo formats including RAW and HEIC and can convert them between formats. It comes with support to resize, embed text captions and watermarks, add effects, perform rotation (both lossless and lossy), rename files through its comprehensive file renaming engine.

CM Batch Photo Processor is available on our website at https://www.completemagic.com/apps/cm-batch-photo-processor/ for US$16.95 and also on the Mac App Store https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cm-batch-photo-processor/id418319205?ls=1&mt=12