CM Batch JPEG Rotator v2.7.3 Released

* Reworked the Lossless Rotation Module

CM Batch JPEG Rotator v2.7.2 Released

Handle a crash when the app encounters a faulty JPEG Photo

CM Batch MMedia Date Changer v3.0.5 Released

We optimized the internal codes and updated the underlying framework

CM PDF & TIFF Page Extractor v4.0.1 Released

Improved the PDF Output Algorithm

CM DocuTIFFer v1.3.5 Released

Updated the underlying framework

CM PDF Merge NX v4.8.1 Released

Updated Underlying Framework

CM TIFF 2 PDF v3.9.9 Released

Updated Underlying Framework

Batch TIFF & PDF Converter v4.0.2 Released

In this update, we included output support for the HEIC format

CM Batch JPG Date Changer v1.5.5 Released

Updated underlying framework

CM Batch JPEG Rotator v2.7.1 Released

Reworked the engine to speed up the process