CM Batch JPEG Date Changer v2.0.8 Released

* Internal Code Optimization

CM Shrink My Photo v3.0.6 Released

* Fixed UI Issues * Added Upsizing Ratios : 1 1/4x, 1 1/3x, 1 1/2x, 1 3/4x and 2x

Memory Pictures v4.3.5 Released

* Fixed where the app hangs when the Search Address is unable to find the address

CM Batch MMedia Date Changer v3.6.9 Released

In this update, we included HIF image support and reworked the thumbnail preview module.

CM Batch Photo Processor v4.2.8 Released

* Added Output to EPS Support * Added HEIF as Import Format * Fixed Crash when doing Full Screen Preview

CM Batch Photo Processor v4.2.7 Released

* Added Import Support for EPS and PS Images * Added Resizing Method – 2.5x, 3x, 3.5x, 4x, 4.5x and 5x * Ensure if Raw Photos are converted with the Image Format set to “AS IS”, it would be saved as 48 Bit RGB Cooler We added EPS and PS Images as Apple removed the...

CM DocuTIFFer v1.7.4 Released

* Updated Underlying Framework * Minor UI Fixes

CM Batch TIFF 2 PDF v4.3.6 Released

* Updated Underlying Framework * Minor UI Fixes

CM Shrink My Photo v3.0.5 Released

* Updated Underlying Framework