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Ever needed to convert Multipage TIFF files to PDF or JPG and PNG Files to PDF or JPG? 

If so, CM TIFF 2 PDF is for you. As the same suggests, CM TIFF 2 PDF ease the job of creating PDF files by automating the entire process of combining Multipage TIFF, Single Page TIFF, PNG, JPG and even other PDF together in a few quick steps. If you do not need to combine the files, it allows you to convert JPG, PNG and TIFF Files to PDF or extract a TIFF to multiple pages of JPG.

It does it quickly and neatly. It gives you PDF documents which you can be proud of. 

The Generated PDF File would be made from generated image captures and would not be text-searchable.

Key Features of CM TIFF 2 PDF

* Convert Multipage TIFF and Single Page TIFF to PDF Files
* Convert groups of JPG, PNG, TIFF, PDF to PDF Files
* Extract TIFF or PDF to multiple pages of JPG or PNG Files. These extracted pages would be saved to their own sub-folder based on the original filename.
* Combine All the Above to a Single PDF File.
* Page Range Support which lets you decide the order of the pages in the TIFF or PDF files and which page to exclude. 
* Option to Resize the Pages from 5% to 500% of the Original Page Sizes
* Allows you to set Author Name, Subject and Title to the PDF Files.
* Set Password Protection for the generated PDF File (Both Master and Viewing Password options)
* Support Options to Allow Copy, Allow Printing and Allow Annotation in the PDF File.
* Supports PDF Version Change
* Multithreaded support for TIFF to PDF conversion
* Settings Profile File Support. With this file, you can save your settings into a XML style file which you can reused in the future or share them

*When the Viewing Password is enabled, the PDF file would be locked from prying eyes apart from those who has the password, other restrictions persists. Those who enter the Master Password will be able to view the document and override any restrictions which may be set

Page Range is a powerful feature which lets you decide which pages you want to include in the document. Here are some examples with the assumption that the document has 10 pages

1) To set to include all pages, set Page Range to 1-10
2) To reverse order all the pages, set Page Range to 10-1
3) To exclude page 3, set Page Range to 1-2,4-10
4) To only include Pages 1,4,6, set Page Range to 1,4,6

You can combine all the options in the page range and after you enter the page ranges, CM TIFF 2 PDF will check to see if the pages are valid. You can repeat pages too.

CM TIFF 2 PDF is an invaluable tool in enhancing your productivity in the work place.

Password Protected PDF file are not supported for import.