We are pleased to announce the immediate release of Memory Pictures v1.5.5.

In this update, we made several updates to the underlying system. The map now supports built in 3D camera controls, the magnifier, building highlights and many more.

At the same time, we added HEIC Photo supports and would be looking to support the other raw photo formats which contains EXIF headers.

Memory Pictures is an app which aims to add context to the photos by letting you tag or correct GPS locations and notes to the photo.

Memory Pictures is available on our website at https://www.completemagic.com/apps/memory-pictures/ for US$7.50 and on the Mac App Store at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/memory-pictures/id1149209988?ls=1&mt=122 for US$7.99. A Trial version is also available on our website.