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CM DocuTIFFer is a simple to use application which batch converts PDF to TIFF documents. All the meta data such as descriptions in the PDF document would also be reflected in the converted TIFF document.

TIFF is now increasingly being used as a document format particularly because it supports multi-pages, can yield a smaller file size compared to PDF and text cannot be modified.

This application can handle password protected PDF files provided you have the unlock password to the files. CM DocuTIIFer provides the option to set TIFF Compression (LZW, Packbits, ZIP, JPEG, Deflate, CCITT G3, CCITT G4 and uncompressed), convert a color PDF to a Grayscale document, Dots Per Inch and Zoom Factor. Zoom Factor provides you with the option to upsize the documents so they look sharp when zooming into the documents.

Set the Zoom Factor to 1 to retain the original dimension