We are pleased to announce the immediate release of CM Batch Photo Processor v3.0.5 on our website. A copy has also been submitted to the Mac App Store.

This marks a milestone in concurrent Web and Mac App Store releases. The copy available on our website comes with a 14 Days Free Trial and supports migration from the Mac AppStore to the version available here.

We will try our best to keep the features similar between the two stores but due to the sandboxing and other security issues, we might not be able to implement all that we want on the Mac App Store version.

The version available here has been code signed and notarized by Apple and certified clean.

In this update, we revamped the Help File which has been completely rewritten to reflect the changes between the last manual update several years ago.

To support sale and licensing through our website and our fulfillment partner, FastSpring, we made several under the hood changes to provide seamless license key generation through FastSpring. There is also support for our Mac App Store customers who wants to switch to the version available here. Our Mac App Store customers can also request for our store license key through the app.