We are pleased to release updated versions of both CM Batch MMedia Date Changer v2.4.8 and CM JPG Date Changer v1.1.2 on our website. This incorporated significant changes in the date changing routine which was different from the numerous workaround which we had to perform for the Mac AppStore versions due to the sandboxing restriction.

As much as we would love to keep offering both these apps on the Mac AppStore, over time Apple has enforced new strict file manipulation guidelines and OS level restrictions for apps offered in the AppStore which makes even the task of renaming a file impossible.

The Sandbox would grant temporary permissions for files which you as the user select but the system is far from perfect, at times it just deny permissions which results in files being deleted as it does not permit our apps from writing to the folder.

The sandbox restriction is currently not enforced on apps offered outside of the AppStore and we are able to provide codes which will work as they are designed.

For the Mac AppStore version we had to work on several workarounds which involved copying the file over to the sandbox area, perform the date change on the file, wait for change to be updated, delete the original files and copy the sandbox file over to the original place. However, if the process takes too long the Sandbox permission expires which causes a denial in writing the files.

If you have the Mac AppStore version, download the trial copy of CM Batch MMedia Date Changer and CM Batch JPG Date Changer. Launch the app, click on the Register button on the toolbar and Click the Migrate from Mac AppStore version and let it do the license migration. You can request for license key through that routine.