We are happy to announce the initial release of CM Batch Filename Changer v1.0.0

We built in a simple batch filename changer within our CM Batch Photo Processor to provide the ability to change the camera generate filenames to something which is easier to understand by providing the option to add prefix, suffix and a running number to the filename. However our needs changes to needing to provide this quick renaming support to all kinds of files.

When we were on the Mac AppStore, we had to constraint the application to the Sandbox restriction which prevents a simple renaming so the idea was shelved until now.

Not only that the app has to be simple to use but also complex enough to be reflexible. In this app, we added the filename format editors and two date format editors which you can use to build the filename format. We also included the running number with padding so your filenames would look pretty and be easily sortable.

CM Batch Filename Changer comes with a 14 Days free trial and is currently priced at US$3.99 per license.

For more information, check out https://www.completemagic.com/apps/cm-batch-filename-changer/