CM Shrink My Photo v2.4.9 Released

The app has been upgraded with the new API and we reworked the JPEG Quality and Percentage edit boxes.

CM PDF Compress v1.1.4 Released

This contains improvement to the compression module

Batch TIFF & PDF Converter v3.7.8 Released

This is a bug fix release. *Fixed a bug which causes compression of a Password Protected PDF to go corrupted *Fixed when changing the Image Format, the MultiTIFF/PDF Filename get truncated *Fixed When “Merge All Documents to a Single PDF File” with Encryption does not password protect the file

CM PDF Compress v1.1.3 Released

We updated to the new framework and fixed a bug which causes an Encrypted PDF to fail to open after compression.

CM Batch JPEG Rotator v2.5.5 Released

We refresh the internal codes with the new framework

Batch TIFF & PDF Converter v3.7.7 Released

This update fixes an Out of Bound crash when using Load Folder

CM Batch Photo Processor v3.3.9 Released

This update fixes an “Out of Bound” crash when using Load Folder

CM TIFF to PDF v3.8.3 Released

This is a bug fixed update which fixes the following issues JPEG to PDF Conversion shows faded out colors Scanned JPEG with DPI greater than 72 is shrunk

Memory Pictures v1.7.0 Released

This is a bug fix update which fixes a negative longitude or latitude showing up as positive thus changing the coordinates to a different location

Batch TIFF & PDF Converter v3.7.6 Released

In this update, we fixed a bug where a scanned JPEG with higher than 72 DPI is converted to a PDF which results in a PDF dimension size being 1/3rd of the original.