We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of CM Batch Photo Processor v3.1.5. In this update we made some important bug fixes relating to the standard JPEG lossy rotation where the EXIF header is not changed.

The exciting news is that we have incorporated the JPEG Lossless Rotation support in CM Batch Photo Processor v3.1.5. This works by moving pixels instead of loading the entire JPEG photo to memory and work as a bitmap file. Lossless Rotation ensure that the image quality is not effected during the processing. However this is an exclusive feature and would not work with the other image processing features. You can use the two new Load Files (JPEG Lossless Rotation) and Load Folders (JPEG Lossless Rotation) to ensure that only JPEG photos are imported to the list. Any non-JPEG images would just be copied over without manipulation when the JPEG Lossless Rotation checkbox is checked.